Beginners Online Investment Course




Our comprehensive stock market investment course, aimed at teaching the beginner to successfully invest, includes a full set of lecture modules, correlating examinations, an up-to-date and continuously amended stock market glossary, as well as downloadable summaries. The course material begins by explaining the basics and ends with you having your very own growing portfolio shares.


  • 31 comprehensive lecture modules
  • multiple choice exams
  • downloadable module summaries
  • highlighted glossary definitions throughout modules
  • free telephonic, email or face-to-face support


1. Getting Started

2. Managing Risk

3. Information Sources

4. Kinds of Investments

5. Kinds of Investors

6. Choosing Winners

7. The Relationship between Fundamental and Technical Analysis

8. Some Important Concepts

9. Market Rating and Earning Yield

10. A Measure of Share Value

11. Dividends and their Importance

12. The Basic Stop-Loss

13. Opening a Stockbroking Account

14. Bull and Bear Markets

15. Intro to Charting and Technical Analysis

16. Your Mental Attitude in the Market

17. Basic Economics

18. The JSE

19. Charting Styles

20. Trendlines

21. Formations

22. Moving Averages

23. MA Types

24. Bollinger Bands

25. Relative Strength

26. Overbought/Oversold

27. Point and Figure Charting

28. Candlestick Charting Part 1

29. Candlestick Charting Part 2

30. An Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds

31. Indices and Averages

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